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Are you in the market for new uniforms work?  If you are, then the World of Clothing is the place for you.  From nursing scrubs to chef uniforms to shoes.  World of Clothing is the best fit for all your clothing needs in the Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.

  • Medical Uniforms - Are up in the market for new medical uniforms?  If so, World of Clothing is the place for your.  From lab coats to uniforms World of Clothing is the best fit for medical professionals in the WNC area.  Our medical uniforms ccome in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.  Wether you work in an annimal hospital, dentis offie, child care provier, or are a doctor or nurse.  World of Clothing has what you need.  From scrub sets to jackets to lab coats., you will find what you need here.  We offer both men's and women's uniforms and carry a variety of brands to cchoose from.  World of Clothing has a line of footwear too.  This complete the package for medical professionals.  Having the proper footwear provides stability when you are on the go and plenty of comfort.
  • Scrubs - We have a variety of brnds, colors, styles and themes to choose from.  If you want your basic tan, we have you covered.  Is yellow more your stule?  How about a royal blue or eggplant color to liven up your work place.  We even have scrubs that have lively prints on them.  Some of our scrubs even come with cargo pockets.  Our designs will set you apart from your co-workers and keep you looking and feeling good throughtout the day.
  •  Chef Uniforms - Do you need to upgrade your uniformst for work in the food industry?  Let World of Clothing help you out and find the right chef uniform for you.  Whether you are looking for a chef hat, jacket pants aprons or shirt, World of Clothing has it all under one roof.  We carry a variety of styles, colors and designs to choose from.  You want to be comfortable while at work, and we agree.  That's why we bring you nothing but the best with our products.

We know comfort is something you look for when buying new  uniforms, we we offer long sleeve and short sleevve options to choose from.  They will keep you warm on a cool day in the office or keep you comfortable on those ays when you don't ever sit down.  There is even a line of maternity medical uniforms for expecting mothers.  Youwon't be disappointed with the quality, selection and ustomer service you will find at World of Clothing.  Comfort and quality are important when buying uniforms - no matter what type you are in the market for.  Our lines can withstand the daily grind of the medical and food industries.

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