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Huge Rug Selection at Affordable Prices

The interior designs fo today are becoming more affordable.  One of the best budget-friendlyoptions for a beautifulhome is an area rug. The perfecct area rug for yourhome can be found in World of Clothing's huge selection of designer floor coverings.  We have solutions for every kind of homeowner in Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.  You will find hundreds of gorgeous styles, colors and shapes to fit with nearly any decor.  Have your favorite area rug products delivered directly to your doorstep.

Style and Comfort in your Home

The adaptable nature of area rugs is what makes them great.  They can work in any room regardless of style or size.  All it takes is matching the right colors and textures to your design!  Not sure how to make your new floor covering work best?  Our style experts have created a list of inspiring uses for our quality area rugs.  You can use these ideas to shop smarter and find the right style and material to fit your needs.  Here are some of the great applications for an area rug:

  • Increase a room's comfort.  There is nothing as lovely as a warm area  rug t keep your toes warm in the winter.  these floor coverings can also be great spots to spread out game boards or recline in front of the television with your family.  Area rugs can offer a cushion for sore feet and ease back pain.  It can even offer pets a place to rest a place to rest so they are less tempted to be on the furniture.  The right floor covering can make any room more comfortable.
  • rotect your flooring.  When you enter and exit your home, dirt comes with you.  Abrasive dirt and dust from outside can scratch and wear out the surface of your flooring.  Bacteria and pollen can also be brought in from the outdoors.   Even weather can cause a challenge, such as rain and mud staining and warping your floors.  Having an area rug near the entrances of your home can prevent his from happening.  Ad durable mat with rough texture will catch dirt before it comes into the home. You can enjoy less frequent cleanings and extend the life of your floors.
  • Change your interior design  area rugs are one of the onliy home fixtures that you can move freely and safely install yourself.  You have the option to place your floor covering in a different room.  This means that you can change your design at any time!  Our area rugs are available in hundreds of colors, textures, shapes and sizes.  There is no design that we can't find a perfect match for.

If you are shopping for the finest selection in affordable area rugs, we can help.  World of Clothing is the number one name in

beautiful and affordable floor coverings in WNC and upstate South Carolina.  To learn more about our products or services,

call ((828) 693-4131 or (800) 759-9739.  You can also reach customer service by email or find infomation on our website.

Improve your home today with a new area won't be disappointed!