Linens and Home Decor


Have your bed sheets seen better days?  Are they not as soft as they once were?  If that's the case for you, stop by World of Clothing in Hendersonville and browse our linens department.

What do you need to know when buying new bed linens and towels?  For bedding, there are plenty of choices at World of Clothing, we have cotton, cotton-polyester, satin and flannel sheets to choose from.  The fiber and the thread count make a difference when choosing the softest sheets.

For towels, much like bed linens you want them to be soft.  The bigger factor that makes a good towel is absorbency.  A towel that doesn't absorb water doesn't do you much good.

The World of Clothing has the best quality products and largest selection in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.

Home Decor

Is your living room missing the thing to complete the look you are going for?  If you are looking for a lamp, morror or artwork to catch the eye of your guests, World of Clothing can help.

Having the right accessory can make or break the ambience of a room.  World of Clothing has a variety of lamps to choose from.  We have a nice variety of lamps for your consideration.  The World of Clothing is one of the few places that carries lamp shades in Western North Carolina.

The same can be said for a mirror.  Whether you are looking for a mirror for your bathroom, living room wall or a mirror to go over your dresser, we can help.

Is there a gaping hole on your wall and you don't know what to put there?  If a mirror isn't your style, you should try browing our extensive of framed artwork.  We have something for everyone, young and old.  Need something for the kids room, we can help.  Looking for the statement piece for your living or dining room, we've got that too.